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Confusor (19-02-2015, 20:15)
Change of diet (21 February to 20 Mars))

In search of the best diets.
It is suggested to change of diet and follow the diet of the
following products:

GROUP: (12)

(2) Job's tears, quinoa,

VEGETABLE PROTEINS: beans, broad bean, chickpea, gourd seeds, lentil,
peas, sunflower seed, walnut, watermelon seed,
(2) beechnut, Brazil nut, butternut, hemp seed, kudzu, linseed,
macadamia, peanut, pecan, tamarind bean,

MEAT: beef, rabbit,

DAIRY: butters, whole raw milk,

FERMENTED PRODUCTS: cheeses, yogurts,
(2) beers, miso, tempeh, yeast,

POULTRY: chicken, eggs, turkey,
(2) emu, goose, eggs, ostrich, pheasant,

crustaceans: (2) brown crab,
mollusks: mussels, octopus, (2) cuttlefish,
fishes: anchovy, blue whiting, cod, dusky grouper, hake, halibut,
horse mackerel, mackerel, rays, whiting, (2) angler, bogue, bonito,
conger, chub, daces, four-spot megrim, girellas, herring, king salmon,
muskellunge, pandora, perch, pickerel, pollack, pouting, rainbow
smelt, salmon, silver salmon, sockeye salmon, sole, spotted flounder,

OILS: coconut, gourd seeds, soybean, sunflower, (2) peanut,

LIVE FOOD: artichoke, avocado, green beans, beet greens, beetroot,
cabbages (broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, collard greens,
Chinese broccoli, red cabbage), capsicums, cucumber, Belgian endive,
chicory, pumpkins, zucchini, leek, champignon, oyster mushroom,
spinach, sweet potato, tomato, bok choy, watercress, (2) calabash,
ginger, enokitake, maitake, shiitake,

FRUITS: apple, apricot, coconut, currants, custard apple, cherry,
date, grapefruit, grapes, kiwifruit, lemon, lime, melons, orange,
papaya, passion fruit, peach, pear, plum, strawberry, tangerine,
watermelon, (2) acai berry, canistel, durian, gooseberry,
jackfruit, java-plum, pawpaw,

BEVERAGES: apple juice, beetroot juice, grapefruit juice, grape juice,
honey, lemon and water, orange juice, pear juice, prune juice,
tangerine juice,

SPICES: cocoa, garlic, parsley, (2) anise, basil, bay leaf, pepper,
caper, cayenne, chili, paprika, cilantro, chives, nutmeg, oregano,
peppermint, rosemary, sage, thyme, turmeric,
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A search of the best diets.
It is suggested to abstain from the relation of following products:

GROUP: (12)

CARBOHYDRATES: maize, millet, rice, rye, wheat,

VEGETABLE PROTEINS: almond, chestnut, hazelnut,

MEAT: goat, horse, pork, sheep,



POULTRY: partridge, quail, eggs,

crustaceans: king prawn, lobster, shore crab, (2) mantis shrimp,
Norway lobster, red shrimp, spider crab, spiny lobster, velvet crab,
mollusks: bean clams, snails, squid, (2) carpet shells, clams, cockle,
razor shells, striped venus clam, whelk,
fishes: tuna, mullets, sardine, turbot, (2) blackspot seabream,
bullhead, croakers, frigate tuna, gilt-head bream, haddock,
harvestfish, kingfish, lampuga, pompano dolphinfish, porbeable,
rainbow trout, sea bass, sea bream, sea trout, smooth-hound,
sucker fish, weakfish, Atlantic wolffish,

OILS: maize, olive,

LIVE FOOD: asparagus, carrot, celery, eggplant, escarole, fennel,
lettuce, olives, onion, parsnip, potato, radish, turnip,

FRUITS: banana, plantain, fig, loquat, lychee, mulberry, persimmon,
pineapple, pomegranate, quince, raspberry, star fruit,

BEVERAGES: almond milk, carrot juice, celery juice, coffee,
pineapple juice, pomegranate juice,

SPICES: fennel,
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Je▀us (19-02-2015, 21:42)
On Thu, 19 Feb 2015 19:15:02 +0100, Confusor <confusor>

>Change of diet (21 February to 20 Mars))

Why not just eat what you consider to be decent food? Why the
pointless (to me) complications and ongoing 'changes of diet'?
Is it astrology or feng-shui based? Too much time on your hands,